Dr. Reddy is the BEST GI doctor in the Valley. He saved my life eight years ago. If you need an honest first or second diagnosis, make an appointment with Dr. Reddy.
Daniel B. Five Star Rating
Excellent and prompt experience. I was able to get all my concerns resolved and an appointment for a colonoscopy. The doctor was as genuine and caring as a person could be. Very impressed.
Mitchell W. Five Star Rating
The doctor was very patient with my mom. He answered all her questions and made her feel confident about the procedures. He even used a digital anatomy diagram to explain bodily functions. I highly recommend them!
Xitlali P. Five Star Rating
The doctor was amazing. Very thorough, understanding and patient. The front end staff are very friendly as well. Amazing experience.
Josiah M. Five Star Rating
I had an appointment at Reddy GI Associates! The staff are friendly, efficient and caring. I felt very well taken care of. This is the first doctor to listen to what I was saying was happening with my body in the last 7 years and come up with a healing plan to stop the reactions I had been experiencing. It’s a process, sometimes of elimination, but he is narrowing down the possibilities to find what it the answer. I’m thankful.
La Jean M. Five Star Rating
The doctor really knew what he was doing. Amber was very informative when she called me with results and it went over with me everything I need to do. I have every confidence that the doctor is going to make me well again. I just have to follow the well-guided instructions and do what the doctor say. He's very knowledgeable in my point of view. I think they might over book people to some point. And I definitely appreciate his willingness to try to get everybody taken care of.
Rhonda F. Five Star Rating
Everyone was very cordial, polite and professional. I filled the required forms and went right into the exam room. It was a good experience. The appointment was on time and everyone was very positive and forthcoming. Thank you!
Geno S. Five Star Rating
The staff was very friendly and helpful. The doctor was very nice, caring, kind, and very thorough. My visit was great and everyone there made it very pleasant. I will be back. I recommend Reddy GI to anyone who is needing a specialist, as I have been coming to the Mesa office for 2 years now and now the Chandler office. They are always very professional and give great care.
Deborah S. Five Star Rating
Nurse Practitioner Amber Senator was wonderful today. I'm in a rehab facility but because of my current circumstances she met with me on a telehealth visit. It was very kind of them to be willing to do that. The visit was a great success.
Judith K. Five Star Rating
During my visit we discussed symptoms that were bothersome to me and what to do to combat these! It was the most informative visit I have experienced at Reddy GI! I felt that my GI health was important to them!
Junque B. Five Star Rating
The doctor took the time to listen to all of my questions and concerns, and asked for a detailed background on my health. He really made me feel heard and understood. He didn't rush me, and listened intently, and was very caring. I highly recommend the doctors and staff at Reddy GI clinic. I will be telling all of my friends and family about the great service I received. Thank you!
Mellany L. Five Star Rating
Where do I start. This is best referral I ever had to see a specialist. I felt such a relief on questions about my health we're moving forward to do some tests. The whole staff did an excellent job. The only negative thing is I didn't remember all those names so that's on me.
Lora C. Five Star Rating
PA Steve was very thorough for the 15 minutes we discussed my symptoms and decided on the next step. Very professional (wore a suit!), but personable! The staff was awesome too!
Beverly B. Five Star Rating
Very good experience. Dr Reddy is awesome. He is so personable. My follow up visit with Steven was also great! I’ve been to a few Gastroenterologists in my day (I’m 74) and this is by far the best experience I’ve had.
Rontanta C. Five Star Rating